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Ces poèmes, sont là pour inspirer les gens en quête de poèmes. Ces poèmes traduisent uniquement un sentiment ressenti à travers des mots et des phrases qui mis bout à bout font ressortir de l’amour. Dans une phrase, ce n’est pas les mots qui comptent, c’est les sentiments et les idées qu’ils contiennent. Cela dit, des mots bien choisis sont forcément plus percutant… chose qu’il n’est pas inutile de bien savoir faire. Une phrase sans contexte est une influence pure (cf. Philo)

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No Control

I just can’t control myself,
Can’t be with no one else !
It seems I’m addicted to the way you like to touch me.

Maybe, when I think about
The day that we first met,
Wasn’t looking for what I found !
But, I found you !
And I’m bound to
Find happiness in being around you.

I’m glad :
When I’m making love to you !
I’m glad for the way you make me feel.
I love it cause you seem to blow my mind.
Every time.
I’m happy that you know how to be a man
I’m glad that you came into my life
I’m so glad.

I think I’m in love of someone who loves me. < finaly! >

I glad to be :

The one who puts her arms around you
The one who lays her head beside you
The one listens when you need it

When no one else can see it (your girl)

The one who knows when something’s wrong

I’m happy to say,
In a lot of ways you’ve changed me
Makes me smile.
I really feel, I’ll always be your girl.
I just wanna be the one who’s true to you
I just wanna be the one who makes you smiles
The one who holds you down your girl.

I love you you’re perfect !
A manifestation of my dreams
You make my body feel
About a million different things.

I think God made you for me
A mix of passion and fidelity
Baby your’re so complete
I want to let you know
That you will always be
To me, my lust, my love, my man, my child,
My friend and my king.

There’s no way I’d leave you
It’s just not a reality
Sometimes I feel like
I’m living in a fantasy.

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